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Gathering FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions are below. 

Quick Links

Register HERE.
If you are not attending this year. Please tell us why HERE

Book accommodations HERE.


We are once again holding the conference at the Delta Hotel in uptown Saint John and all activities will be within walking distance.


Coming as a Forum Group – Those that are coming as a forum group and The Order is handling your finances, we will be booking your rooms as a group and transferring the cost from your forum account.

  • Groups who's finances are not covered by the Order will need to make reservations directly at the link below.

  • We will be reviewing with moderators so that we understand all groups situations. Even if you are not going as a group or if your moderator is not going, we are still looking to them to assist.

  • We will be posting a list of known room reservations Please check the list as soon as it is posted to ensure you have not been missed.

Coming as an individual – Those that are not coming as a group will be responsible for their own hotel reservations.


Coming Early, Leaving Late – Provision has been made for people that are coming early or staying late. Your rate of $145/night is available 2 days before and 2 days after the Gathering.


Hospitality Room - We have a hospitality room for the late night people. This was well packed last year. With expected higher attendance, we may have to adjust this.

Name Tags

The team at iSpire has expanded the program to register and track people through a QR code on their name tags. Most important, the name tags must be worn to access any event.

  • During registration, individuals will first scan their own QR codes which will register their phone with their barcode ID.

  • Through the weekend as an individual meets someone, we request that they scan the barcode from that persons name tag. Due to unexpected events, we were not able to make full use of this type of tracking. You'll see more functionality and reporting this year.

  • We will be tracking the number of connections and awarding prizes based on those numbers.

  • At the completion of the event, we will be forwarding a list of all connections each individual has made for which they have indicated they want to do a follow up with that person.

The various locations will also have a barcode for individuals to scan at the facility. This will be used for various purposes.


An event like The Gathering comes with a significant cost. Everything has been done to keep this as close to your normal forum session costs and in most cases we've been able to keep it below what a typical session would cost.


Cost is being covered through the following ways:

  • $300/person will apply to expenses for the overall conference, entertainment, drinks, snacks, audio/visual, etc. This will be billed out to all members. Some forums have requested this be taken directly out of their forum budget.

  • On the registration form, we have provided an area where you can select which portions of the event you will be attending. The intention is that this is an all in event, but many of our members have very busy lives and we want to ensure you get involved as much as possible. The above pricing will be adjusted based upon the portions that you are able to attend.

  • In addition, a portion of membership fees will be used to cover any additional costs.

The overall intent is that this is not a cash-neutral event and will use a portion of the membership fees as designated in the original membership fee budget.


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