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The Gathering | FAQ - Costs

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

An event like The Gathering comes with a significant cost. Everything has been done to keep this as close to your normal forum session costs and in most cases we've been able to keep it below what a typical session would cost.

Cost is being covered through the following ways:

  • $300/person will apply to expenses for the overall conference, entertainment, drinks, snacks, audio/visual, etc. This will be billed out to all members. Some forums have requested this be taken directly out of their forum budget.

  • On the registration form, we have provided an area where you can select which portions of the event you will be attending. The intention is that this is an all in event, but many of our members have very busy lives and we want to ensure you get involved as much as possible. The above pricing will be adjusted based upon the portions that you are able to attend.

  • In addition, a portion of membership fees will be used to cover any additional costs.

The overall intent is that this is not a cash-neutral event and will use a portion of the membership fees as designated in the original membership fee budget.

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