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The Gathering | FAQ - COVID-19

Updated: Aug 24, 2022


As leaders in our communities and representatives of WMI we have a responsibility to hold a safe event and one that shows our leadership. We are very thankful that at this point in time we have no official restrictions. We do want to encourage the following.

Vaccine Requirements – We continue to encourage all members to be double vaccinated. We will not be checking vaccinations during registration.

  • There is currently no requirement for proof of vaccination at the Detla or the events.

  • For people attending the events but not staying at the hotel, hotel staff will be at the entrance to each conference room and will check your proof of vaccination and provide you a bracelet.

Rapid Testing – Nope.

Name Tag – Your name tag will be still be required to enter all events. But that is now just for tracking purposes.

Keeping with the Family – Last year we asked people not to attend bars or restaurants outside of the various venues. Although COVID is less of a concern, we continue to encourage people to be part of the activities. Not staying involved is a loss to both you and others.

Common Sense and Being Open - We continue to ask people that show signs of sickness that may be contagious to avoid attending an event like this. But also, be open about things like allergies or other non-contagious symptoms. Remember COVID is not completely over and many people still have significant concerns. We do not want this to become rumors of a super spreader event.

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